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Coaching With Cassandra Mack

Pricing for Coaching With Cassandra Mack


Cassandra Mack's pricing for her coaching services is set up as a pay as you go service. You purchase a time slot each time you want to have a coaching session with Cassandra Mack, rather than being locked into a three-month or sixth month contract. This way you can decide for yourself how much time you want to set aside to invest in your personal growth or professional development. Then, you can purchase additional coaching sessions as needed to  focus on the things that really matter to you.

Pricing for One Individual Coaching Session By Phone 

One 45 -Minute Coaching Session By Phone: $99 

Pricing for Package of 3 Individual Coaching Sessions By Phone

Package of Three 45-Minute Coaching Sessions By Phone: $275 (all sessions must be scheduled  within a four week period of the first session)

Pricing for One Group Coaching Session By Phone

One 60 -Minute Group Coaching Session By Phone: $250 (For Groups of 3)