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About Cassandra Mack


Cassandra Mack, MSW, is an executive coach, trained social worker and a highly respected corporate trainer and consultant who comes to you with more than 25 years of experience and professional expertise as a social worker, department manager, corporate trainer, curriculum developer, master facilitator and small business owner.

Cassandra Mack is prominent within the field of Social Services. Some of the organizations she has worked with include:

  • Civil Service Employees Union
  • The Archdiocese Drug Prevention Program
  • Catholic Charities
  • The Fund for the City of New York 
  • Good Shepherd Services
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Texas Network of Youth Services
  • The National Resource Center for Youth Services
  • Harlem Children Zone, Urban Leadership Institute
  • Kean University
  • NYC Administration of Children’s Services 
  • Children’s Aid Society
  • Connecticut State Department of Family and Children's Services
  • North General Hospital
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Henry Street Settlement
  • Jamaica Community Partnership
  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
  • Cayuga Centers
  • The Mentoring Partnership Council of Families & Child Caring Agencies
  • The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies
  • St. Augustine's Episcopal Church
  • St Paul's Baptist Church
  • Jewish Child Care Association
  • LaGuardia Community College 

With a Master’s Degree in social work concentrating on casework and counseling, Cassandra Mack has dedicated a large part of her career to helping people develop the necessary paradigm shifts and life skills to maximize success, manage change effectively and reach their goals with greater clarity and alignment.

Cassandra Mack, blends her clinical training and practical understanding of life to provide strategies for empowered living for people who are seeking sustainable solutions and tools for personal success that facilitate change while relating to their experiences in a relevant and tangible way.

Cassandra Mack has worked with diverse groups: From youth counselors seeking to get through to today’s teens; to executives and managers seeking to lead with confidence and skill, to women looking for ways to make their lives better, to everyday people who simply want to unlock more of their potential and heal the emotional places that hurt. Cassandra Mack goes beyond motivation and provides her audience with tips, tools and tactics to help them get on the right path to move from where they are currently to where they want to be.

Cassandra Mack is the CVO of Strategies for Empowered Living Inc., a training and development company that she founded in 2000 which offers professional development training, life skills workshops, coaching and empowering resources to help individuals and organizations: maximize potential, build capacity and facilitate success.

Cassandra is also the founder of, Cassandra Mack Ministries, a non-denominational Christian ministry that utilizes social media, live events and a weekly Church By Phone Service to provide people of faith with Biblical principles to navigate lives with wisdom, resilience and grace.

Cassandra has written and published over 15 personal-development books that are widely utilized in the health and human services, women’s groups, churches and youth based organizations. Some of Cassandra’s popular titles include:

  1. Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace,”
  2. Your Success Starts Now: Timeless Principles To Accelerate Your Path To Success & Reach Your Goals Faster
  3. Smart Moves That Successful Managers Make
  4. Smart Moves That Successful Youth Workers Make
  5. 25 Things Every Tween Needs To Know To Make Smart Choices
  6. Young, Gifted & Doing It: 52 Power Moves For Teens ...A Success Guide For Teenagers
  7. Cool, Confident & Strong: 52 Power Moves For Girls
  8. The Cool, Confident & Strong Self-Esteem and Smart Choices Workbook
  9. “The Single Mom’s Little Book of Wisdom,”
  10. The Enterprising Single Mom
  11. "The Busy Woman's Little Book of Motivation,” “
  12. Don’t Let A Break-Up Break You Down,"
  13. "Grab A Girlfriend and Go Take Your Life Back: A 30-Day Guide To Getting Out of A Rut 
  14. Grab A Girlfriend & Go Live Your Dreams: A 30-Day Guide To Launching Your Dream,"
  15. The Soul Fast Workbook.”  
  16. Speaking Life Into Your I Am

Cassandra is the voice of counsel to thousands around the world through her Facebook Pages, international web articles,  Sunday Morning Hour of Power Live Call-In Program as well as her books.

Cassandra has received many awards for her work including the: National Association on Drug Abuse Problems Service Award, The New York City Housing Authority Community Programming Award, the Neighborhood Prevention Network Community Service Award and the Hunter College Alumni Association Emerging Leaders Award. Cassandra received her BA from Brooklyn College and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Hunter College School of Social work.