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Empowering Individuals and Organizations Since 2000 To Maximize Success & Minimize Stress
Through Workshops, Coaching, Ministry Solutions & Books That Inspire Growth


Who We Are

Strategies for Empowered Living Inc., is a coaching and consulting company that supports the learning, growth and development of leaders, individuals and organizations through highly-interactive, content-rich workshops, strategy sessions, leadership seminars and coaching programs that leave clients equipped with the necessary skills and strategies for meaningful change and measurable results.

At Strategies for Empowered Living, we know how challenging it can be to get it all done, manage life's stress, maximize your potential and live your life in the most rewarding way possible.  This is why we've done the labor-intensive work for you by putting strategies and systems in place to equip and empower you with tools and tactics to get unstuck, envision what's possible, become more self-aware and intentional so that you can activate the necessary positive changes that will enable you to enjoy greater success personally and professionally.  


What We Do

  • Facilitate Engaging and Transformtive Meetings & Strategy Sessions.

  • Action Planning. Accountability & Responsibility Through Leadership & Management Work Circles.

  • Help Leaders & Front-Line Staff  Develop New Skills and Build On Strengths Through Workshops, Seminars & Retreats.

  • Help Organizations Build Employee Commitment Through Intentional Development and Mutual Trust & Respect. 

  • Guide Individuals Who Feel Stuck In An Area of Their Lives Through A Highly-Focused Process of Facilitated Change Through Our Coaching Programs Which Are Built On A Strengths-Based, Kingdom-Within Framework.


Some of Our Past & Present Clients Include: