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Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace

Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace

Have you ever awoken on a Monday morning dreading the thought of going to work and you had to put on your game-face so that it wasn’t too obvious? Be honest! If we are truthful, most of us have had days like this. Do you have a co-worker who is hard to get along with and it virtually kills you just to have to say good morning; even though you know good and well that you are not going to love everyone you work with? Then you probably need this book. Are you doing all that you can to keep yourself in a good place emotionally, so that you can think clearly, make good decisions, solve problems effectively, focus on your priorities, be a team player and do your job well …even under pressure? If not, then you probably need this book. It’s cheaper than therapy. Do you have a personal wellbeing plan in place to help you keep your emotions in check when dealing with difficult people and to help strengthen your resiliency skills so that you can thrive at work despite the daily annoyances and the challenges that come up for you? These are important questions to ask, because sometimes we think that we’re managing just fine and that we’ve got effective tools in place to keep calm and carry on at work; until we are thrown into situations that require us to: deal with change without becoming unglued, manage competing priorities without missing important deadlines, be a team player when some of our teammates don’t play nice, adjust our attitude quickly when the task at hand requires us to swiftly shift gears, remain calm and level-headed when the pressure is on, deal with stressful situations without becoming distressed and work in the most proficient manner with people who we may not enjoy working with. But these are the very skills that are needed in order to thrive at work. Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace, is a workplace wellness success guide that focuses on the mental wellness aspect of workplace productivity and success. Your personal wellbeing has a direct impact on your level of life satisfaction and your ability to do your job well. The way you think about yourself, your life and the people around you has a huge impact on your mental health. By making just a few positive changes in your outlook, attitude and conduct you can enhance your mental wellbeing. When you feel good mentally, you’re able to think clearly, make better decisions, deal with setbacks without becoming self-destructive or harmful to others, be more productive and enjoy a less stressed life. Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace, is a simple A to Z personal wellbeing pocket guide that offers 26 quick tips that you can incorporate into your personal regimen any time you need to do one or more of the following: 1.) Quickly take charge of your frame of mind and mood so that you can keep your head in a clear and productive space; 2.) Bring your most positive and productive attitude and habits to the workplace so that you can do your job well in spite of the challenges, distractions and, or difficult people who may push your buttons; 3.) Put some simple yet effective tools in place to help you: remain focused on your primary priorities, reduce your feelings of stress in the moment and keep your ultimate goals in sight. Get this book on AMAZON.COM