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Say It, See It, Believe It

Say It, See It, Believe It

How would you like to feel more confident on the inside and build the kind of self-esteem that will keep you feeling positive toward yourself no matter what challenges come your way? Well, it’s possible if you learn how to make your words work for you. Believe it or not, your words have a lot of power. Your words have the power to build you up, and your words have the power to discourage you, depending on how you use them. This is why it is so important that you learn how to use your words to build high self-esteem and develop a positive outlook on life. Say It See It Believe It is an affirmation activity journal for girls to read with their mothers. It will show you how to use the power of your words to think bigger, recognize your value and dream beyond any limits that others have placed on you or that you have placed on yourself. What’s more, it will show your mom as well as any other caregivers in your life how to support you in building healthy self-esteem and inner resilience. So what are affirmations? Simply put, affirmations are positive statements designed to help you do three things: 1. Think and act more positively toward yourself. 2. Instill calm during stressful times. 3. Activate your mind to pump you up with so much positive motivation and inner confidence that you actually begin to believe the best about yourself and as a result start taking steps in the direction of your desired outcomes. Why should you read this book with your mother? Because the more support that you have in building your self-confidence and inner resilience from people who truly care about you, the more you’ll realize how special and valuable you are and that you have what it takes to succeed in life. What if your mom is not around? Then read and do the affirmation activity journal with a concerned caregiver who wants the best for you or a person whom you look to as a mother-figure. Say It See It Believe It contains four sections: 1.) The Affirmation – this is the positive statement that you are going to say to yourself as many times as you need to say it until you pump yourself up with so much positive self-talk that you actually begin to believe it and act on it. 2.) Why It Works – this explains how the affirmation will benefit you. 3.) Memos for Moms – these are tips to help your mother or caregiver support you in building stronger self-confidence and resilience. 4.) Journal Space - this is exactly what it sounds like…a space where you can write about anything you want. You can write a song, poem, what you think about each affirmation. You can place stickers in this section or anything else that you desire. Also included in this book are activities for mothers and daughters to do together. Say It See It Believe It will show you how to use the power of positive self-affirmation to help you develop a winning mindset so that you can become a more positive, empowered you. Get this book on AMAZON.COM