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25 Things Every Tween Needs To Know

25 Things Every Tween Needs To Know

So why a life success/personal-growth book for tweens? Simple, to provide tweens with quick and easy tips to make smart decisions and put themselves on the path to success in school and in life. Kids need as many avenues as possible to learn how to make good decisions so that they can successfully navigate their lives. This book was designed for you and your tween to read together. First comes the life skills tip which is essentially a one-sentence strategy for success. Next comes the power points for parents, which are practical steps to help you reinforce the life skills tip. Read the book with your tween. Use the life skills tips as a springboard for talking to your tween about goals, good study habits, decision making and other important issues. So what’s a tween? The term tween derived from the word between–tweens. Tweens are youth who are not quite children, but not quite teenagers either. In a nutshell, a tween is a youth between the ages of 9 and 12. Being a tween is a sometimes awkward, sometimes confusing, sometimes hard to fit in stage of pre-adolescence. It’s the age where adolescent identities are just beginning to form, fitting in with peers is more important than it was in the early elementary school years and social pressures are becoming more complex. It’s also the age where it is critically important to build confidence, good decision-making skills and leadership skills, because as your tween spends more time with his peers, he will likely find himself in situations where he will have to make his own choices. Get this book on AMAZON.COM