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Her Rite of Passage

Her Rite of Passage

Her Rite of Passage provides you with helpful tips, tools and strategies to design, develop and deliver a structured rites of passage program from the ground up. Although the program is designed to speak to the unique psycho-social needs and challenges of African-American girls, many of the program components and features can be used as a springboard for developing a rites of passage program for young women from any culture or group. What’s Included In This Book Her Rite of Passage will show you how to: • Set up a rites of passage program from design to implementation; • Facilitate and implement the rap sessions; • Get buy-in from your organization; • Recruit participants a.k.a. initiates for your program; • Recruit volunteers; • Get parents involved; • Plan and organize the initiation retreat; • Plan and organize the crossover ceremony. Get this book on AMAZON.COM