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See It, Speak It, Write It, Do It 2020 Planner (E-Book)

SEE IT, SPEAK IT, WRITE IT, DO IT, is the perfect planner and journal to help you map out your vision for 2020 and capture your goals, dreams, plans, great ideas and projects in one organized space. As you write the vision and make it plain, you will be better able to eliminate distractions, stay focused on the things that matter most to you and become much more intentional about your time and primary priorities. This 8 ½ by 11 planner and journal offers lots of space to write your goals and important tasks. Each month has its own mini-vision board section where you can paste pictures, images, and quotes that capture what you envision doing and achieving for that particular month. 


Unleash Your Unstoppable (E-Book)

UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE is a book that offers prayers, strategies and scriptures to transform your life for accelerated growth and victorious living. This book bridges the gap between the power of prayer and the practical application of Kingdom principles to empower you to unlock your potential and seize your success. Prayer is a powerful tool, but you cannot simply pray about a goal, aspiration or a change that you desire to make in your life and then sit back and do nothing to move your life in the direction of the goal or desired change. It is only when prayer is coupled with aligned and consistent action that you can begin to drive your life in the direction of your vision and deepest desires.


The Soul Fast Workbook (E-Book)

The Soul Fast Workbook, is a 40-day personal journey into the care and well-being of your soul. This workbook, will equip you with powerful tools that will empower you to renew your mind, take good care of your soul and replenish your spirit. Grounded in Bible-based principles, The Soul Fast Workbook will show you exactly how to detox from toxic mindsets, beliefs, emotions and decision-making processes that: undermine your happiness, eat away at your peace, chip away at your self-esteem and sabotage your success.


Speaking Life Into Your I Am (E-Book)

SPEAKING LIFE INTO YOUR I AM, provides you with bible-based affirmations that you can read over and over again and say as often as you need to; so that you can release the power of God’s word into your thought life and inscribe it in your heart. Use this book to speak life into yourself and to positively affirm your identity as one who was created in the image and likeness of God. As you allow GOD to sit with you in prayer and recharge your spirit with His life-affirming Word, trust and believe that your life will be transformed. Let this book serve as reminder of how awesome You already are and what an awesome God you serve.


Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace (E-Book)

Master Your Mind, Mood & Attitude In The Workplace, is a workplace wellness success guide that focuses on the mental wellness aspect of workplace productivity and success. Your personal wellbeing has a direct impact on your level of life satisfaction and your ability to do your job well. The way you think about yourself, your life and the people around you has a huge impact on your mental health. By making just a few positive changes in your outlook, attitude and conduct you can enhance your mental wellbeing. When you feel good mentally, you’re able to think clearly, make better decisions, deal with setbacks without becoming self-destructive or harmful to others, be more productive and enjoy a less stressed life.