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The Soul Fast Workbook (E-Book)

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If you’ve never done a Soul Fast before, let me tell you what it is.A Soul Fast, unlike a fast from edible food or from a particular activity like television or social media is a type of master cleanse for your soul where you abstain from the unhealthy mental junk foods that we tend to feed our hearts and minds like: self-doubt, self-loathing, inadequacy, worry, bitterness, despair, envy and fear. When we chew and stew on negative thoughts and emotions, we are actually feeding on toxins that are poisonous to the wellbeing of our souls. Over time, this negative energy that we are carrying on the inside affects our happiness, health, productivity, relationships and it moves us away from living our most enriched and powerful life.

You were divinely designed to live a fruitful life and enjoy the benefits of healthy wellbeing. When all is well with your soul, you are empowered to live authentically, resiliently and victoriously. In fact, the Bible stresses the importance of a prosperous soul …one that is well, whole, peaceful, anxious for nothing and joyful. Here’s the scripture for it: 3 John 1:2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” This scripture lets us know that we were divinely designed to experience prosperity not just physically; but spiritually and psychologically too. However, it can be hard as heck to feel like you are winning, if your heart is saturated with resentment, envy, ingratitude and self-pity and if your mind is consumed with a never-ending laundry list of all the things in life that annoy you, offend you and hurt you. Toxic thoughts come into our minds to steal, kill and destroy our hopes and dreams, in order to defeat us in the spirit so that we abort our purpose and forfeit our destiny. Enough already! This negative thinking has got to stop if you are to enjoy your life to the fullest and leave some sort of legacy that lets the world know that you made a difference to the Kingdom in your own unique way. But none of this can happen unless you do the inner work to keep yourself in a good mental and emotional place.

Do you want a soul that is healthy and whole? Then let’s start clearing away the clutter together as you work through The Soul Fast WorkbookHave you ever noticed that when you’re bogged down with negative thoughts and intensely overwhelming emotions that it's difficult to enjoy your life and focus on the things that matter most to you? Everything that we take in mentally, emotionally and spiritually has a profound effect on our happiness and success. From the things that we see on television and social media, to the conversations we entertain, the pain that we’ve been through, the resentment that we hold on to, as well as the thoughts that run rampant in our minds throughout the course of the day.

You may not realize it, but when your mind is overwrought with negative thoughts and counterproductive self-talk or you’re weighed down in your spirit with toxic emotional baggage, it’s difficult to feel successful and fully enjoy your life. This is why, it is extremely vital that every now and then, that you do a Master Cleanse for your heart and mind.When our hearts and minds are congested with psychological toxins and spiritual debris; it impacts our ability to enjoy the fullness of life. From self-limiting beliefs, to toxic relationships to dysfunctional mindsets rooted in childhood wounds to choosing choices that undermine your success, when your soul is saturated with self-doubt, self-defeatist thinking, resentment and depression you don’t experience life to the fullest because you are not operating from your God given spirit of power, love and soundness of mind (2 Timothy 1:7). And whenever we operate from the realm of heaviness, brokenness and overwhelm, rather than our authenticity and inner power, we cannot show up for life as our best and brightest selves.

This is why it’s vital, to not just detox our bodies, but more importantly to detox our hearts and our minds. And this is the point of a Soul Fast.

The Soul Fast Workbook, is a 40-day personal journey into the care and well-being of your soul. This workbook, will equip you with powerful tools that will empower you to renew your mind, take good care of your soul and replenish your spirit. Grounded in Bible-based principles, The Soul Fast Workbook will show you exactly how to detox from toxic mindsets, beliefs, emotions and decision-making processes that: undermine your happiness, eat away at your peace, chip away at your self-esteem and sabotage your success.

The Soul Fast Workbook is divided into 4 sections: your thought life, your emotional life, your choices and your relationships. Section 1 of The Soul Fast Workbook, focuses on The Mind. It encompasses day 1 through 10, where you’ll be fasting from toxic mindsets and counterproductive self-talk. Section 2 focuses on The Heart. It encompasses days 11 through 20, where you’ll be detoxing from emotions that bring down your mood and intensify fear-based feelings like: inadequacy, self-loathing, rejection, dejection, and envy. Section 3 deals with The Will. It includes day 21 through 30 where you’ll be assessing your choices so that you can figure out how to stop making decisions that work against your own wellbeing and success. Section 4 focuses on your Relationships. It encompasses day 31 through 40 where you’ll be evaluating your relationships so that you clearly determine which relationships are producing good fruit in your life and which ones are draining you and pulling you away from purpose.    

The hard, cold truth about negativity is this: the more we allow our hearts and minds to become saturated with counterproductive beliefs, mindsets, attitude and emotions, be it our own self-defeatist inner dialogue or the drama and dysfunction that other people try to bring into our world; the more we become weighed down by emotional baggage that is too heavy to carry and that adversely affects how we show up for life. And believe it or not, we carry this toxic energy or spirit of heaviness wherever we go; because whatever we’re carrying on the inside is eventually birthed out through our conversations, interactions and choices. But the good news is, you don’t have to be weighed down with thoughts and emotions that do not serve you well. You can heal the broken places in your soul like: broken self-esteem, a broken self-concept, broken courage, broken focus, broken faith, broken goals and dreams and even a broken heart.

Do you want a soul that is healthy and whole? Then let, The Soul Fast Workbook guide you through a proven process that will help you begin to build a resilient thought life and restore the broken places in your soul.