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Unleash Your Unstoppable (E-Book)

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UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE is a book that offers prayers, strategies and scriptures to transform your life for accelerated growth and victorious living. This book bridges the gap between the power of prayer and the practical application of Kingdom principles to empower you to unlock your potential and seize your success. Prayer is a powerful tool, but you cannot simply pray about a goal, aspiration or a change that you desire to make in your life and then sit back and do nothing to move your life in the direction of the goal or desired change. It is only when prayer is coupled with aligned and consistent action that you can begin to drive your life in the direction of your vision and deepest desires.

There are a lot of people who say they want to change their lives so they can live victoriously, but they are not willing to do the necessary work that’s required to effect real change. …Don’t let this be you!!!All human progress happens because someone was willing to work towards it. Every great person in the bible who wanted to experience transformation and victory, not only prayed in faith but they also aligned their actions with their prayers. UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE, shows you how to craft your life in such a way as to radically alter the course of your life for acceleration and manifestation.

UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE is divided into four chapters:

  • Chapter 1.Personal Efficacy – deals with the characteristics that you must cultivate to start effecting positive change in your life.
  • Chapter 2.Living Beyond Your Feelings – deals with managing difficult emotions so that you are not controlled or defeated by your emotions.
  • Chapter 3.Seizing Your Success – offers principles and action steps for lifelong success and achievement
  • Chapter 4.Becoming A Better You – offers principles and action steps for self-actualization and maximizing potential.

For most of my life I have been on a mission to empower ordinary people, just like you and me to: step beyond the stereotypes, rise above adversity, pursue their purpose with tenacity and live out their definition of success so that they can live victoriously. Through my travels, book signings, social media presence, my training company, Strategies For Empowered Living Inc., and my ministry Cassandra Mack Ministries, I have discovered that people everywhere want to know how to bridge the gap between who they are now and who they have the potential and capacity to become. They are looking for timeless truths and actionable strategies to make the most of their lives. This is where UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE comes in.

UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE, offers prayers, bible scriptures and strategies designed to give you a gentle nudge and sometimes a robust push to empower you to move your life in the direction of your vision, press pass the internal roadblocks and tap into new realms of possibility.

The reality of living your most blessed life is this: Each of us must learn to give birth to our own potential by cultivating the seeds of greatness, creativity and resilience that God has placed inside of us so that we may fulfill our divine destiny. You were born into this world to make a world of difference with your ideas, gifts and talents. All you have to do is be who you are already purposed by to be. I want to help you dream again and dream bigger than you’ve ever imagined. Through the scriptures, prayers and principles shared in UNLEASH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE it is my goal to help you seize your vision and persevere until success happens.

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