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Pricing Information

Cassandra Mack will travel to your organization and conduct an interactive workshop or seminar at your location.  Participants will learn key concepts and take part in facilitated exercises and discussions that will personalize the training content to their specific roles and responsibilities within your organization.  All of our programs can be customized to meet your specific needs.  

The investment for organizations in New York City starts at:

$2,500 and up for a 3-hour program for Non-Profit 501c3 Organizations in New York City  (within the 5 boroughs) (Maximum of 25 People per class) ( Please inquire about pricing if you are outside of the 5 boroughs within New York City) 

$3,000 and up for a 5-hour  program (6 hour day with one-hour lunch break) for Non-Profit 501C3 Organizations in New York City (within the 5 boroughs) (Maximum of 25 People per class) (Please inquire about pricing if you are outside of the 5 boroughs within New York City)

$4000 and up for a half-day per day for For-Profit Companies in New York City. (Maximum of 30 People per class)

  • Please Note - If Cassandra Mack will be traveling outside of New York City to conduct the workshop(s), then travel expenses and hotel accommodations (depending on the distance) will be paid for by your company/organization. 

Your training/workshop investment also includes all workshop consultation and preparation.  We work with you before, during and after the training to ensure that your training objectives are met.  Cassandra Mack will interview the key decision makers and stakeholders via telephone to identify your organization’s concerns, issues and opportunities.  Cassandra will go over all of the material that will be used in your workshop in advance, ensuring we meet your goals for the training and Cassandra will remain on-site 30 minutes after the training or set an an after-the training 30-minute phone call to debrief with your organization's contact person and suggest next steps.   

Conference Keynote: Cassandra Mack can deliver a high-impact, highly engaging keynote address for your convention, conference or assembly program.

Pricing starts at:

$5,500 for a keynote presentation up to 60-minutes for an audience of up to 300 people.  (For larger groups inquire within for pricing)

Tele-conference Option: Cassandra Mack can facilitate a 90 minute group tele-conference (up to 25 people on each call) on one of her training topics. Participants will be able to email their questions in advance and Cassandra Mack will address them in the tele-conference. These calls take the learning experience to another level, because they are highly customized.

The investment is

$1,500 per tele-conference for Non-Profit 5013 Organizations

$5,000 for Private For-Profit Companies

Cassandra Mack’s Professional Success Series is a series of 10 half-day professional development training workshops that are presented once a month over the course of one year. The concept of 10 workshops, spread out over an extended period of time, helps to put the professional development strategies into action and create a culture of sustained success and productivity. This program takes professional development training to the highest level.  (Inquire within for Pricing)

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  • The quoted fees are f0r programs in New York City. For programs outside of New York City, inquire within.