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Don't Let A Break Up Break You Down

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Breaking up sucks. Your ex dumped you. You cut him off. You both agreed to go your separate ways, even though you really didn’t want to. When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t even matter. The feelings that follow are basically the same. You can’t stop crying. You can’t stop thinking about him. And you can’t stop wondering: Where did we go wrong?

One minute you hate him. The next minute you miss him desperately. The days drag on and the nights are absolutely torturous. You find yourself waiting by the phone hoping he calls. With the compulsion of a telemarketer, you check your email hoping he reaches out to say how sorry he is and that letting you go was all a big mistake.

Lately you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. You’re angry, depressed and confused, all at the same time. And you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever feel happy again.

Every love song reminds you of him. Every romantic movie reinforces how lonely you feel. Your heart is aching. Your head is spinning. And every fiber of your being longs to be with him again. No matter how much you tell yourself that you need to move on, you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of this slump.

Your friends are tired of hearing about him. Between your play-by-play relationship reruns and your never ending phone rants that begin and end with: Do you think he still cares? You are driving your friends completely nuts.

Deep down, you know you need to move on. But you just can’t find the wherewithal to get on with your life. And nowadays with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, getting over a break up is increasingly hard to do.

This is where, Don’t Let A Break-Up, Break You Down, comes in. It’s a break-up survival guide designed to help you get through your break-up with your self-respect and dignity intact because as sad and as bad as you feel right now, this break-up doesn’t have to break you down.

The hard cold truth is as sad as you feel right now surviving a break-up has more to do with your mindset and willingness to move forward than it has to do with your mood and emotions. In no way am I downplaying your break-up, because the pain that comes with the end of a relationship hurts like hell, no matter who ended it. Be that as it may, the longer you hold on to an ex who doesn’t want to be with you or who is unwilling or unable to give you what you need, the more you prolong your heartbreak and keep yourself trapped in relationship purgatory.

So why not get in the driver’s seat of your break-up by turning your break-up into a break-over. After all, a smart girl like you doesn’t want to waste a whole lot of time moping over a guy who has chosen to call it quits or who has treated you so poorly that he’s left you with no alternative than to kick him to the curb.

With that said here’s what’s going to happen in this book: you’ll receive my break-up survival rules which are bite-sized strategies designed to help you do three things: put your situation into perspective, refuse to get trapped in relationship purgatory and take proactive steps to move forward. Also included are the Crazy Pages, which are blank pages specifically designed for you to put the crazy on paper so that you don’t bring your crazy onto the job, out in cyberspace or on your ex’s front lawn.

Let me be clear here: Reading this book does not mean that you won’t miss your ex, have occasional crying spells or that you won’t feel sad and lonely sometimes. You will. Not only that, you will still go through the gamut of emotions that come with the end of a relationship. The difference is you will go through with a survival guide that will help you get to the other side.

Here’s the other piece: even if you feel a little sad initially what will happen over time is day by day a little bit at a time, you will start to feel better. What’s more, you will fast forward the healing process. If nothing else, you will come to realize that life goes on without your ex. Plus, you’ll discover some pretty amazing things about yourself along the way.

You might be going through a break-up  but this break-up doesn’t have to break you down.