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E-Books > The Self Care Therapeutic Coloring Pages for Grown-Ups (E-Booklet)
The Self Care Therapeutic  Coloring Pages for Grown-Ups (E-Booklet)

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Let’s face it — not all days are bright and sunny. We all have those trying days when things just don’t go the way we hope, plan or want them to. And that’s completely normal, especially in today’s times! These coloring pages were created for those days …the days when you need to take a few moments to de-stress, give yourself a little break and give your mind some time to unwind.

The Self-Care Coloring Pages are coloring pages that you print out and color at your leisure on those days when you need to take a moment for yourself while tapping into your creative side. In addition to being a fun activity for relaxation, coloring requires the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate. While logic helps us to think analytically, choosing colors generates our creative thought process which inspires ingenuity and resourcefulness. This helps to keep the mind both sharp and innovative. Plus, coloring provides you with an opportunity to unplug from television and technology which promotes creation over consumption. And most of all, coloring is therapeutic.

Grab some markers, crayons, colored pencils or pens and color these pages in your own unique way, as you reflect on the affirming words on each page. There are also Bible verses sprinkled throughout these pages so you can refresh your spirit on the days when you need a spiritual lift. You can also write quotes, notes-to-self or add your own affirmations in the white spaces of these coloring pages. You can also gather with friends and family and host your own Color& Sip Party using TheSelf-Care Coloring Pages. If you decide to host a color & sip gathering using this booklet, just make sure to honor the author’s copyright rights by having your guests purchase their own copy rather than distributing copies of this booklet unlawfully without the author’s permission.

There is something uniquely powerful about spending time putting yourself in a better frame of mind by: reconnecting with your imagination, revisiting some of the simple things you did as a child, getting lost in the moment as well as affirming the things in your life that are positive. I pray that as you color, doodle, reflect, affirm the affirmations aloud and relax your mind, that you experience moments of mindfulness & inspiration. I'd love to hear your stories of how your creative time with these coloring pages has helped you counteract some of the negativity with better days of clarity, focus and imagination.  Post a comment in our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CassandraMackMinistries  or my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CassandraMackchannel& let me know how you are enjoying these coloring pages. Although these pages were created for grown-ups, they are a great activity for tweens & teens too.

Use these coloring pages to remind yourself that you have the power to handle every not-so-sunny day with personal power and inner strength. Pick up another coloring booklet as a gift for a co-worker, family member or friend. And remember …a bad day may knock you off your game for a moment or even a few months …depending on your circumstances, but bad days do not have the power to steal your life or stop you from living with resilience, imagination and purpose!