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E-Books > Because You're Worth It: Self-Love Journal & Workbook (E-Book)
Because You're Worth It: Self-Love Journal & Workbook (E-Book)

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Are you overly critical of yourself? Do you have a tough time quieting that inner voice inside your head that tries to eat away at your confidence and make you believe that who you are is not enough? Have you ever compared yourself to someone else and wished you could be more like them? … YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There’s a collective human experience that affects so many of us. It’s the belief that who we are is not enough. And it’s this pervasive feeling of, “not enoughness,” that causes us to walk through life feeling inadequate and insecure. Self-love is a funny thing in that most people know that loving yourself and being okay with who you are authentically is the foundation for happiness, and healthy self-esteem. Yet, so many of us struggle to loves ourselves. That’s where this journal comes in.

The, Because You’re Worth It Journal & Workbook, provides powerful journal prompts that correspond with the 25 components of self-love that are necessary to develop a healthy, self-affirming relationship with one’s self.It’s easy to fall into patterns of self-doubt and self-sabotage when we haven’t learned to cultivate the 25 essential components that encompass self-love and that empower us to love ourselves from the inside out. Self-love is all about developing a self-appreciating mindset, embracing your authenticity, being compassionate with yourself and letting go of faulty beliefs that undermine your confidence.

The Because You’re Worth It Journal & Workbook is packed with lots of actionable exercises and self-esteem building tips to help you center yourself in self-love so that you never forget how amazing you are and you learn to appreciate yourself at every stage of life.It goes without saying that in order to truly love yourself you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself. This comes about by spending time getting to know YOU. But the truth is, most people spend more time investing in their relationships with others than they spend investing in themselves. This is a problem. Why? Because in order to show up for others from a full and resilient place, you have to have a strong and healthy relationship with yourself. Through the 25 components of self-love presented in this journal, you will discover how to do just that.

The Because You’re Worth It Journal, was written to help you breakthrough the emotional clutter of feeling like who you are is “not enough” so that you can shift into a more self-actualized version of yourself and vibrate at a higher level of confidence. Truth is …You deserve to be loved unconditionally, by the most important person in your life — YOU! Because you’re worth it!!! What this journal will do for you is, help you become more intentional about loving yourself completely, unconditionally and unapologetically. Because when you love yourself …I mean truly love yourself …you make your well-being a top priority and you do your best to show up for life as your most authentic self.The 25 components of self-love are essential for building a loving, supportive and compassionate relationship with one’s self.

The Because You’re Worth It Journal, will help you cultivate and strengthen your skills and capacity in each of these areas.