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People often contact us requesting for Cassandra Mack's personal attention and advice/feedback about their situation or they want to run their idea by her or pick-her-brain. Due to the multiple demands on Cassandr Mack's schedule, Cassandra does not offer any one-on-one guidance/advice/feedback outside of the scope of her coaching and consulting services. Cassandra Mack generously gives of herself freely by offering a great deal of free mentoring, free teachings and free advice through her YouTube Channel, Facebook Posts and her weekly Church By Phone Sunday Service, as well as the Instagram Live Videos that she offers to the general public.  So if you are seeking free advice, please utilize one of the aforementioned platforms.
If ever you would like to have a one-on-one conversation with Cassandra Mack by way of signing up for a private coaching session, which we highly recommend to those of you who desire more access to Cassandra Mack outside of the aforementioned free ways that she offers to the general public, consider booking a coaching session or clarity conversation with Cassandra Mack where you can receive personalized strategies and individualized action steps.  To find out more click on the Coaching Link