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Self-Care and Emotional Wellbeing


Getting Rid of Excess Baggage

No matter how bright, successful, or accomplished we are, each of us has areas in our lives that are impacted by unmet needs, fears, ego defenses and reoccurring patterns that stem from unresolved baggage. In order to show up for life as our best and brightest selves and be emotionally healthy and well, it is critical that we do the self-work to build up the areas in our lives that need our attention and that often undermine our happiness and success. This workshop will provide practical tools and key questions that will enable you to let go of what no longer serves you well.   

Personal Wellbeing In The Workplace: Self-Care To Facilitate Mental & Emotional Wellbeingl 

In order to show up for work as your best, brightest and most productive self and work well with others, it’s important to develop strategies that facilitate good mental wellbeing. If you’re stressed, distracted, discontent and unbalanced, or if you’re going through a personal issue that’s getting in the way of your work, it’s going to be pretty difficult to do your job well. This workshop is adapted from Cassandra Mack’s book “Master Your Mindset, Mood and Attitude At Work.” It is geared for front-line employees, but all levels of staff can benefit from this workshop. Participants will gain self-care and personal productivity strategies designed to help them take charge of their mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Specifically this workshop will cover:  why your mindset matters, assessing how you show up for work; the role of resilience in your personal wellbeing; working well with others; tips to take care of yourself and de-stress; work/life balance and when to ask for help.

Stress Management and Self-Care Strategies for Social Service Staff

As social service professionals you are charged with the significant task of helping people achieve an enhanced quality of life. You counsel, coach,  support, and help clients gain access to information and resources all in an effort to help them change their lives for the better. In this workshop you will learn: how to identify what's draining you and put plans in place to eliminate some of the energy drains, how to care for yourself in small ways that work, how to ask for help before you become too overwhelmed.

Emotional-Management: How To Keep Calm and Carry On When Dealing With Difficult People In The Workplace

If we are honest, virtually everyone has experienced those moments at work when unwanted emotions boil up and spill over. Perhaps you snapped at an employee who didn’t do their job to your liking. Or maybe you were a little sarcastic with a supervisor who gave you more work than you felt was reasonable or maybe you were even angry at yourself for not speaking up when a pushy co-worker overstepped the appropriate boundary. We have all been there. Emotions like these are human and normal. It’s what you do with your emotions that make all the difference. In this workshop, you will learn: 3 traits that nearly every emotionally “grounded” person possesses that enables them to remain calm when the pressure’s on; how to stop the emotional wreck train by identifying your triggers and reigning yourself back in when an intense emotion starts to get the best of you;  The E-factor: why maintaining positive energy enables you to keep calm and carry on; The toughest question you will ever have to ask yourself and if you answer honestly how it will change everything for you, what to do when you know that you know that someone is intentionally trying to push your buttons and pull your triggers; self-care strategies that you can employ to help you stay in a good place emotionally.