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Self-Care and Burnout Prevention From Your Place of Grace

(3 John 1:2)  ...."Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers."

It goes without saying that we need to practice good self-care in order to be healthy and well enough to do all the awesome things that we are called and led to do. The reason why we as women sometimes become so worn out, so inundated, so over-extended and even burnt out is because we do not practice consistent self-care. It goes without saying that Jesus had far more stress, far more pressure, and far more responsibility than any of us and yet while he walked this earth in a physical body he lived his life from a place of love, grace, soundness, wellness, wholeness, personal power and balance. In Jesus' humanity when he walked on earth, he engaged people in a very focus, compassionate, powerful, tireless and relaxed way. Jesus had a physical body, just like you and me, that needed nourishment and rest and could only be in one place at a time since there are only 24-hours in a day. In his humanity, Jesus had personal needs like prayer, solitude, food, water, and sleep. At times he had to go away from the multitudes to be alone with The Father. Jesus lived in a rhythm of life that not only kept him free from burn out, but that also empowered him while living on Earth to unlock the kingdom within and that kept him full of grace and truth, and therefore able to give from his overflow rather than his internal reserves. In this workshop we will talk about how to practice proactive self-care and prevent burnout from our grace place so that we will have the energy and enthusiasm to do great work. 

The Soul Fast Workshop: Building Self-Esteem and Emotional Wellbeing By Learning How To Conquer Counterproductive Thinking  

What is a Soul Fast? soul fast, unlike a food fast is where instead of abstaining from certain foods that you feed your body, you abstain from the unhealthy junk food like: self-doubt, self-loathing, inadequacy, worry, bitterness, despair, envy and fear of failure that we feed our hearts and our minds. The Bible stresses the importance of a prosperous soul…one that is well, whole, peaceful, anxious for nothing and joyful. In fact,(3 John 1:2) says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” This means that we were divinely designed to prosper spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. But it’s hard to become all that we can be, live our very best lives and be true to ourselves, if our hearts and minds are saturated with negativity.  Most people view fasting as a quick way to lose weight, like with The Master Cleanse lemonade diet. But a soul fast is not about losing physical weight; it’s about losing the unproductive mindsets, outlooks and attitudes that weigh us down in the spirit eating away at our purpose, prosperity, passion and peace. At its core, a soul fast is about being emptied of the negative and unhealthy aspects of self or ego, and becoming filled with more of God’s power, peace and wisdom. This workshop is designed to be used in conjunction with Cassandra Mack's E-Workbook, "The Soul Fast Workbook." 

Why A Soul Fast? As human beings there are three parts to us that make us unique – we live in a body, we possess a soul and at the core we are spirit. The soul is the seat of our consciousness, personality and individuality. The soul is comprised of our mind, emotions and our will. While our bodies enable us to interact with the material world through our 5 physical senses; our souls enable us to engage the world mentally and emotionally through our thoughts, feelings, motives, and desires. Every desire you have, every goal you want to achieve, every dream you envision yourself fulfilling, every idea, feeling and belief you have; all emanate from your soul.  So if your soul is weighed down with thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, rejection, bitterness, hopelessness, helplessness, stagnation or anger, you can’t fully enjoy your life or show up as your best, brightest and most authentic self. Hence the scripture in (Proverbs 23: 7): "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." When your soul is whole, your mind is at its sharpest, your spirit is more powerful and resilient and you experience greater success and increase in every area of your life

Developing A Vision That Your Team Can Run With

(Habakkuk 2: 2) “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.

Leadership vision is an important aspect of taking care of the infrastructure and resource allocation end of your ministry. A clear vision does two key things, it helps you to focus on what you want to accomplish as the visionary and leader it enables your team to fulfill the key roles and duties to help you bring your vision into fruition. An effective vision has to be rooted in the big picture of your mission, it has to inspire change, consider future goals, and also keep the current trends of your specific industry in mind. This workshop will cover: the 3 laws of leadership and why you must understand them to get people on board with your vision, why leaders fail and what you can learn from their mistakes, the 4 parts to a good vision statement, how to motivate people about your vision, learning how to relay your vision to key stakeholders, what you should do before you formally present your vision statement, and personal strategic planning: the 4 step process to position yourself for success.

3 Mandates To Maximize Your Time & Personal Effectiveness As A Leader

Whether you are running an online business, a blog, whether you're in a management role in a company, or heading up a department within a non-profit organization or whether you are leading a ministry ,.....as an entrepreneur and industry leader you often have to juggle many things that demand your time and attention. However, if you are not mindful about how you manage your time, you can end up losing the day and not accomplishing the most important tasks that you set out to complete on any given day.

Activate Your Entrepreneurial Anointing

Entrepreneurship requires both vision and faith. The entrepreneurial process begins when a person has a vision to use their gifts, talents and resources to improve the lives of others and the faith that they can bring that vision into fruition. Whether you are selling beauty products or cup cakes or your personal services as a painter or web designer people who are entrepreneurially minded see possibilities where others see nothing and they create value for others in niches and markets that are often undervalued or in need of a fresh new way of delivering a product or service. Entrepreneurship is as much a process as it is a set of traits. And certain traits are essential to success and play an important role in how the entrepreneurial vision and process unfolds. This workshop will cover: the nature of entrepreneurship, Biblical principles of entrepreneurship, purpose and entrepreneurship,  the great power of small beginnings, the importance of ordering your day, creating a creative environment where you can thrive as an entrepreneurial thinker and how to enlarge you territory one step at a time.

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