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Professional Development for Youth Service Providers


Professional Helping Skills for Youth Service Providers: Basic Building Blocks and Techniques

This workshop is geared for youth service providers with less than two years of experience working with youth in a formalized helping capacity such as youth counselors, caseworkers, youth child care workers, school based workers. Youth service providers will learn the basic building blocks and techniques to help youth meet their goals and come up with solutions to their problems. In this workshop you will learn: What professional helping is and what it is not; how to create an emotionally safe environment that encourages youth to open up, the 7 essential helping skills; how to set boundaries with youth and young adults; dealing with resistance without taking it personally and handling over-personalization without coming across as cold and unapproachable.

Smart Moves That Successful Youth Service Professionals Make

If you are a counselor, case worker, group leader, youth advocate, educational enrichment specialist or any professional in the human service sector who works directly with youth, this workshop is a must for you. It is essentially Youth Work 101. In this exciting, action-packed workshop participants will be provided with a framework for effective youth work. In this workshop you will learn: theories of adolescent development in order to increase your effectiveness as a youth service professional, the seven core competencies for effective youth work, the seven roles of the front-line service provider and how to manage each, the 3 most common mistakes that youth workers make and how to avoid them and how to approach professional youth work from a strengths- based perspective.

The Savvy Credible Messenger:How To Balance Keeping It Real, With Keeping It Professional

As a credible messenger you bring a great deal of first-hand knowledge, credibility, perspective, authenticity, and a sincere and vested interest in improving the lives of youth who can be hard-to-reach. When it comes to relating to youth in high-risk situations and identifying the issues that can hinder upon their path to success...You bring a great deal of expertise! However, there is an additional component that your success in your professional role is hinged upon that has to do with workplace expectations and organizational culture. It’s in ensuring that you know how to navigate the world of your clients as well as the world of the organization that you are employed by; you can not only get through to today’s youth, but you can also thrive professionally as an employee. This workshop will present strategies for balancing your role as a credible messenger with what’s expected of you professionally as an employee working under the auspices of a larger organization.  

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