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About Cassandra Mack


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Cassandra Mack is in the business of people development. Cassandra has worked with non-profits, religious organizations, and individuals to help them flourish and accelerate their path to success. Over the span of her career, Cassandra has held diverse positions as a program director, supervisor, trainer, life coach, and advisor. In obtaining her master's degree in social work, Cassandra has developed a solid understanding of human behavior and why people do what they do. Cassandra integrates her knowledge of human behavior, experience as a leader, her social work training and her passion for the gospel to develop tools and resources to help individuals and organizations build capacity and thrive. 

In December of 2000 Cassandra launched her own training and development company, Strategies For Empowered Living Inc.  and has never looked back. On July 4, 2016 Cassandra stepped into her higher calling and became an ordained minister. From there she started Cassandra Mack Ministries. Every Sunday she hosts a live Sunday Service known as Church By Phone, where people from all around the globe fellowship by telephone to worship together and listen to Cassandra's inspiring Sunday Sermons.

Cassandra Mack has worked with diverse groups: From youth counselors seeking to get through to today’s teens; to executives and managers seeking to lead with confidence and skill, to women looking for ways to make their lives better, to everyday people who simply want to unlock more of their potential and heal the emotional places that hurt. Cassandra Mack goes beyond motivation and provides her audience with relevant tips, tools and tactics to help them get from where they are to where they aspire to be.

Cassandra has written and published over 15 personal-development books that are widely utilized in the health and human services, women’s groups, churches and youth based organizations. You can find her books on 

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