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The reality of this life is, each of us is doing the best that we can. And as we explore the big questions like: What is my purpose? How do I find meaning beyond the world's definition of success? How do i cultivate the kind of inner resilience & self-mastery that can carry me through the changing seasons of my life? .....We need strategies that are relevant and practical. That's where Cassandra Mack Ministries comes in. Cassandra Mack's goal here is to inspire and equip people of faith with Kingdom-based empowerment strategies to maximize your life and shed the things that do not serve you well.

Cassandra Mack Ministries is the faith-based arm of Strategies For Empowered Living Inc. With the primary goals of sharing the message of the gospel and teaching people how to tap into the kingdom within, Cassandra Mack Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry created to provide people with Biblical principles and strategies to:


  • Heal their lives at the soul level

  • Self-actualize through Christ 

  • Position themselves to have life more abundantly 

  • Navigate transitions and challenges with faith, wisdom, resilience & grace

  • Develop a dynamic prayer life as mission-fuel for purpose and destiny

At Cassandra Mack Ministries we see the church in a much broader way — not limited to a physical building, but as a conduit of hope, help and healing fueled by everyday people who want to help make the world a better place be becoming the best version of themselves a little bit more each day.


At Cassandra Mack Ministries it’s about taking the message of the Gospel and bringing it to the world  in ways that: inspire hope, pay it forward, meet tangible needs and provide opportunities to for people to connect through faith-based fellowship as well as participatie in kingdom-centered initiatives that spark personal, community and global transformation.

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