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Is Private Premium Coaching With Cassandra Mack Right For You?

Private premium strategy-based 1-to-1 coaching with Cassandra is not for everyone because it requires a full, unwavering commitment and investment in accelerating your personal growth and unblocking the internal roadblocks that keep undermining your desired results at a higher level of mastery.


Most of Cassandra's private coaching clients are highly accomplished individuals who are already successful in their own right, but look to private premium coaching with Cassandra for personalized feedback and solution-based strategies to do one or more of the following:

  • Get past an emotional sticking point that is undermining your goals and hindering your personal effectiveness,

  • Dismantle counterproductive mindsets and replace them with new and improved mental frameworks that facilitate a healthier, more self-affirming belief system,

  • Manage a stressful relationship with greater confidence & competence that they are not yet able to totally separate from,

  • Set clear boundaries that support their values, priorities and mental wellbeing and develop a plan-of-action when they receive pushback,

  • Outline a step-by-step strategy along with clear, purpose-driven, speaking points for a difficult conversation that cannot be avoided,

  • Gain high caliber life skills so that they have effective strategies for empowered living at their finger-tips when needed.

Who Is Cassandra Mack?

Cassandra Mack is the owner of Strategies For Empowered Living Inc. founded in 2000 in New York and the founder of Cassandra Mack Ministries., the faith-based segment of Strategies For Empowered Living Inc. Cassandra is a master's level social worker, ordained minister, leadership strategist, mental wellbeing coach, author of 15 books and thought leader who comes to you with more than two decades of experience helping people lead organizations and teams, manage life transitions, develop high-level emotional intelligence skills and cultivate sustainable tools for mindset-management and self-mastery.  Over the span of her career, Cassandra has held diverse positions as a program director, supervisor, corporate trainer, executive coach, and advisor. In obtaining her master's degree in social work, Cassandra has developed a solid understanding of human behavior and why people do what they do. As a result, Cassandra integrates her knowledge of human behavior, experience as a leader, personal development specialist and master group facilitator, her clinical training and her insights from the Bible to develop tools, strategies and resources to help individuals and organizations build capacity and unlock greater success. 

Who Are Cassandra Mack's Private Coaching Clients?

Most of Cassandra's private coaching clients are: business leaders, business owners, leaders in ministry, leaders in the nonprofit sector, social media influencers, and people in the entertainment industry.  


Cassandra only personally coaches those who are fully ready to invest in themselves at the premium level in order to go to their next level and create the kind of life that reflects their highest authenticity, deepest values, truest priorities and greatest aspirations. Most often, Cassandra's private coaching clients have read her books, attended one of her workshops, they were personally recommended by someone they trust or they are subscribed to her YouTube Channel; so they tend to already know that they want Cassandra Mack as their private coach and personal strategist. If you’re just inquiring, but not yet ready to make the full commitment to unlock the next version of yourself through Cassandra Mack's innovative coaching techniques and personalized strategy sessions, now may not be the right time for private coaching with Cassandra Mack at this stage of your journey. And that's okay. If you’re not ready to invest in private coaching with Cassandra, we encourage you to become a member of her YouTube channel so that you can be part of a purpose-driven community of like-minded people working on their goals and growth, unlock exclusive content and gain access to additional perks. 

The Power Hour with Cassandra Mack: A Private Premium 1-To-1 Strategy Session With Cassandra Mack


This is a, private, one-hour strategy session with Cassandra designed to help you unlock the challenges, internal blocks, & opportunities that are appearing in your life or business. During your private, 1-on-1 strategy session, we can address any topic you like. Whether it’s confidence, setting boundaries, or recommendations to reach your next level, Cassandra will share strategies, high-level insight and actions steps to help you get unstuck, develop a plan of action so you can achieve your goals.


What Life Areas/Topics Does Cassandra Mack's Coaching Sessions Focus On?

1.) Becoming: Stepping Into A New Version of You: - There is a version of YOU that you truly desire to be... Your Stronger, Better, Wiser Self! This is your future self whom you have the power, potential and capacity to be! The focus of this session is all about reinventing yourself. You will identify habits, patterns and characteristics that you believe are holding you back from becoming a stronger, better, wiser version of yourself...the YOU that YOU desire to be and that you are capable of becoming through self-awareness and consistency. 

2.) The 1 Thing Clarity Conversation: Sometimes despite how accomplished you are, there is always one sticking point that holds you back in some way and you need to talk it through with an objective, experienced professional who can give you a broader perspective and a vantage point you may not have considered. Or help you confirm what you already intuitively know but are apprehensive about. In this coaching session you'll focus on one specific issue that you need a little clarity about or a different strategy to move forward so that you can achieve your desired outcome or learn to see the situation from a perspective other than your own.

3.)  What Should I Do? Decision Exploration Session: Do you need to make a decision but you're having a tough time and you need to unpack the pros and cons with a coach who can help you  look at the issue from a broader perspective so that you cam figure out what to do about your situation and how to best navigate the subsequent issues that are likely to arise with each possible choice. In this session, you will present your situation to Cassandra Mack and she will give you her honest feedback exploring all sides of the situation so that you can come to a decision that is best for you and most appropriate for the situation. 

4.) Leadership Mindset & Goal Setting Session: Are you a leader in business or ministry? Are you a manager managing a department or team? As a leader or manager you are tasked with bringing your vision into fruition by way of leading projects and people. To do so successfully you need the right mindset, and skill set. In this coaching session we will focus on one area of your choosing where you would like to cultivate a more winning mindset and effective skill set (soft skills) as a leader.

5.) Taking Care of Your Inner Child: No matter who you are or how accomplished you become professionally, academically or materially, inside of each of us there is an inner child who still has emotional needs and who gets triggered by certain things. The good news is, it's fully within your capacity to honor the aspects of your Self that need your attention, compassion, love and care. In this self-care coaching session, Cassandra will lead you through self-awareness exercises to help you identify your core beliefs, and mental stronghold thoughts so you can better understand what is serving you and what is working against you. You will do an Inner Child activity to explore what the little child you were wants to show you about your life now. You will learn how to utilize Biblical affirmations to help you with your thought life and your emotional self-Care. (Minimum of  3 coaching sessions is recommended to get the most from this coaching area of focus)

What's Included In Your Power Hour Strategy Session: 

Once your session is purchased & confirmed, you will receive,

  • Cassandra Mack's Goals & Challenges Form. This form will help you identify your goals and challenges as well as clarify the primary issue that you want to focus on during your strategy session.

  • One-Hour of High-Level Personalized Coaching & Strategy complete with coaching exercises

  • You will also receive Cassandra Mack's Coaching Session Implementation & Next Steps Worksheet, after your session. This worksheet will help you implement the tips, strategies & any mindset shifts that were discussed during your session & it will help you map out your next steps moving forward.

The VIP Immersive 3-Hour Private One-To-One Workshop With Cassandra Mack: (A Personalized Workshop That Takes Place Via Zoom Video Conferencing)

The VIP Immersive is an intensive one-to-one, fully immersive program designed to resolve a specific issue, solve a particular problem, reach a decision, or just clarify and build confidence to make a change in your life that is of the utmost importance to you so that you can create the changes that you want to see happen in your life and achieve your version of happiness and success as defined by you.

Get unstuck and on track with 3-Hour Private One-to-One Workshop focused solely on you and your biggest, most important goal for your life. The VIP Immersive is an exclusive one-to-one workshop and coaching experience created just for you, where we work together 1-to-1 on what is most present and important for you and your life right now. You get 3 hours of intensive, focused and strategic coaching, visioning, strategy and step-by-step planning – and private access to the tools, mindset training and exclusive high-level techniques that I offer as a high-caliber life skills coach, strategist, business owner and consultant with more than 20 years of successful experience working with individuals, teams and organizations in helping them build capacity and achieve their desired results. The VIP Immersive is personalized to you and your specific goals, unique circumstances and sticking-point challenges and your vision of success and personal fulfillment.

The VIP IMMERSIVE is where we take out a 3-Hour Time-Block be about YOU – your life, your most heartfelt desires and your truest goals. Together we look at where you want to take your life and come up with small shifts as well as bigger changes you can make to help you get where you want to go quicker, clearer and more confidently. Together, we will work to identify what you’re already doing that’s working well but can use a few tweaks and where there’s room to re-create, re-invent and re-shape some things to help you unlock more of your greatness and accelerate your path to success. You’ll leave the VIP Immersive with a concrete, personalized roadmap that gives you more focus, more clarity, more momentum, more confidence, more direction and most importantly – that aligns and fuels the truest  and best version of yourself.

A VIP Immersive is an intensive one-to-one, fully immersive program designed to resolve a specific issue, solve a particular problem, reach a decision, or just clarify and build confidence to make a change in your life that is of the utmost importance to you so that you can create the changes that you want to see happen in your life and achieve your version of happiness and success as defined by you.

What's Included In Your VIP IMMERSIVE 

  • VIP IMMERSIVE take place via ZOOM Video Conferencing

  • Cassandra Mack's Goals & Challenges Form. This form will help you identify your goals and challenges as well as clarify the primary issue that you want to focus on during your strategy session.

  • 3-Hour of Private Workshop complete with workshop activities & coaching exercises.

  • Workshop Booklet (This Pdf Booklet will be delivered via email prior to the workshop) 

  • You will also receive Cassandra Mack's customized Just-for-you VIP IMMERSIVE Implementation Plan & Next Steps Customized Workbook Journal, after your session. This workbook journal will be emailed to you digitally as a PDF within 10 business days after your VIP Immersive session. This customized workbook will be created exclusively for you by Cassandra Mack. This means that there is no other workbook journal exactly like yours. Your customized workbook & journal will help you implement the tips, strategies & any mindset shifts that were discussed during your session & it will help you map out your next steps moving forward, so that you can continue your growth & success implementing the strategies from your session with Cassandra Mack. There will also be a few extras in your workbook journal to keep you growing forward.

  • 30-Minute follow-up call to check-in & offer you follow-up support to be scheduled no later than 30 days after your VIP IMMERSIVE. This call will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time within one of Cassandra Mack's available time slots. The available time slots for the included follow-up call will be emailed to you after you schedule your VIP IMMERSIVE time slot, but before you purchase the actual session,. 


Please Note - Because The VIP IMMERSIVE is highly customized and personalized workshop, Cassandra Mack needs at least 4 weeks lead time to prepare for your VIP Immersive. This means you need to book your session date at least 4 weeks in advance of your desired date from Cassandra Mack's open time slots for VIP IMMERSIVE Days.

How Does Private Coaching With Cassandra Mack Work?


1. When you click on the LEARN MORE BUTTON above, you will be taken to Cassandra Mack's scheduling & pricing page where you can review our terms and pricing and lock in your preferred coaching time slot from Cassandra Mack's available openings for coaching sessions. 


2. After you book your coaching session time slot you will be directed to fill out our coaching intake form so that Cassandra Mack can get a clearer sense of what your goals are for your private coaching session with her.


3. After you book your coaching time slot, you will receive a follow up email confirming your coaching time slot along with the Link to complete your Payment for your coaching session. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive the confirmation email from us which will include the link to purchase your session. Please note that any coaching time slot you schedule is considered tentative until the session is purchased. 


4. After your payment is received, you will get an email from our team within 24 hours of your payment that will give you the conference line phone number and access code that you will need to dial into on the day of your scheduled coaching session. At this time you'll also be able to email us any additional information that you would like Cassandra Mack to know prior to your coaching session, that you believe is relevant to your session. 


5. Cassandra Mack does not provide personal coaching to minor persons under the age of 18. 


6. Cassandra Mack does not provide legal advice or professional clinical therapy. 

Please Note: All Coaching Sessions are private and confidential, so Cassandra Mack will not disclose what you discuss during your session with others.  Cassandra will not disclose that you are one of her private coaching clients so that your privacy is maintained. Besides Cassandra's assistant who will initiate the correspondence with you by email after you schedule your session, no one else will know that you are one of her coaching clients, unless you choose to tell them. 

Confidentiality is a respected part of Cassandra Mack's coaching protocol. Cassandra Mack understands that for people to feel comfortable talking about private and revealing information, they need a safe place to talk about anything they'd like, without fear of that information leaving the room. Cassandra takes your privacy and her professional brand and reputation very seriously.

  • The exception to protecting a client's confidentiality is to protect the client or the public from serious harm — if, for example, a client discusses plans to attempt suicide or harm another person, that information cannot be kept confidential and will be made available to the proper authorities.

Disclaimer: ...Coaching is not mental health therapy, so Cassandra Mack will not address or discuss medical mental health concerns or issues related to a medical mental health disorder or diagnosis. If you are in need of mental health therapy or treatment please seek out the services of a licensed professional therapist. Coaching is not legal counsel or legal advice, so Cassandra Mack will not discuss or address any legal issues. 

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