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Interactive Conference Keynotes

Ready to Power Up Your People With An Interactive Keynote? Cassandra Mack will create a custom keynote for your special event. You tell us about your audience, goals, theme and the challenges they face and Cassandra will customize the teaching and interactive elements to take your audience on an experiential journey and provide them with an unforgettable, engaging experience.

Training for Supervisors & Managers

Schedule an onsite training workshop today —delivered in-person or online. Cassandra Mack's professional development training programs can address: skill gaps, learning needs,  behavior change, morale issues and more —available as a full day, half day or custom time increments.

#1. Team Building Skills for Managers 

This training provides managers with the necessary skills to facilitate effective teamwork. Topics covered: common mistakes managers make that stifle teamwork, organizational barriers to teamwork; how to deal with problem players, how to get your team to hit the ground running with your vision so that together you can achieve your goals.

#2. Feedback & Coaching Skills for Supervisors

This training provides supervisors with a framework for developing the necessary skills to coach and provide effective feedback to their direct reports. Topics covered: The 3 most common coaching mistakes & how to avoid them; The 5-step formula for an effective coaching discussion, how to conduct a a detailed job analysis to help employees become more effective in their roles and tips for to help your underperforming employees close performance gaps. 

#3. Critical Conversations: How To Have The Difficult Conversations With Confidence, Clarity & Tact

This training provides managers with the right tools & language to address performance gaps, challenging workplace behaviors and other problematic issues that impact performance and the work envirornment. Topics covered: Why most managers avoid critical conversations until it's too late, how to prepare mentally, emotionally, and professionally for a critical conversations, how to show skillful leadership under pressure and how to handle tears, sarcasm and other challenges that may arise.

#4. Managing Multiple Generations In The Workplace With Confidence & Skill

From Baby Boomers to Millennials to Generation Z, each generation offers unique strengths and they each have different motivational needs. This training provides managers with a framework and the specific strategies for managing different generations well. Topics covered: the motivational needs of the 5 generations, the 6 management styles you need to lead an inter-generational team effectively, common mistakes managers make when managing multiple generations.

#5, How To Succeed As A New Supervisor 

This training provides new supervisors and aspiring ones with a game-plan to supervise people and projects effectively. Topics covered: making the transition from co-worker to supervisor, delegating effectively, managing performance, giving feedback, communicating your department's goals effectively, the ABC's of conducting performance appraisals,

#6. Stress Management For Supervisors and Managers

This training will help supervisors  gain a better understanding of the impact that unresolved stress has on your mental wellbeing,  motivation, effectiveness in your role and your supervisory style. Topics covered: how to mitigate the negative effects of stress before it undermines your goals, Identify the things that drain you and develop a plan to address them; Gain greater control over your workday by learning tried-and-true time self-management techniques that you can also teach your staff; Put strategies in place to handle the top 5 stressors that come with the job of supervisor.

Training for Your Entire Team

#1.) Time Management Techniques To Increase Your Personal Effectiveness & Productivity

This training provides practical skills to unlock the secrets to getting the most out of your workday with powerful time management techniques. From managing your inbox to prioritizing multiple projects, topics covered include: improving concentration, minimizing distractions, overcoming procrastination, making quick decisions to decide what needs to be done first, then next and how to shift priorities at a moment’s notice to stay aligned with your manager's goals.

#2.) Professionalism and Business Etiquette In The Workplace

This training provides tips and tools to help employees overcome inappropriate workplace behaviors in order to bring their best attitude, behavior and skill set to the workplace. Topics covered include: aligning your workplace behavior, work habits, decisions, skills and attitude with your company's mission, vision and values, job retention skills and behaviors that build bridges vs behaviors that burn them.

#3.) Stress Management & Self-Care In The Workplace

This training provides insight and tools to help you minimize stress, regroup when needed and refocus when stressors arise. Topic covered include: smart language to choose the right words so you don't strike out or offend others when you're stressed, how to eliminate most of the stress in your life, advanced mental self-mastery skills when you can't change the things that are stressing you.

#4.) Advance Soft Skills Training For Workplace Success

Soft skills refer to a set of transferable skills that influence how well a person can interact with others, make decisions and adapt to change. No matter your job title, there are interchangeable competencies (different from the technical skills required for your specific job function) that are essential for an individual to cultivate in order to become an effective professional at any company, in whatever role they fulfill. Topics covered include:  the 12 Soft Skills that are necessary for personal effectiveness in the workplace and how to cultivate each.

#5.) From Inclusion To Belonging: Creating A Work Culture That Fosters Belonging

Most diversity & inclusion training is designed to quick fix individual attitudes instead of shifting culture from the top down. The problem with most diversity training is this ....You can't "train" the bias out of people. However, you can equip your employees with a framework, a set of expectations and practices that promote belongingness. You can also make belongingness part of your company's vision and values.  Topic covered include:  Understanding what belongingness is and why it's essential to maximize the potential of your people, discover how exclusion hurts your company's integrity and bottom line, assess whether or not your organization's values and company culture support belongingness or undermine it, building a path for leadership and employee buy-in, and ways to help employees take ownership of their behavior. 

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