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Attend One of Cassandra Mack's Events

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Don't let Wednesdays be a hump day, let it be your Wellness day! Join Cassandra Mack's Wednesday Wellness Club for members of The Cassandra Mack YouTube Channel at the 2nd tier & higher. If you would like to gain tips & tools for better mental wellbeing through a Biblical framework, go to The Cassandra Mack YouTube Channel & become a member at the 2nd tier or higher. Join the Wednesday Wellness Club, It's cheaper than therapy!!!

Blue and Pink Colored People Illustrations Classroom Rules and Online Etiquette Education

Attend Cassandra Mack's Journal & Sip Self-Love Workshop where you will fellowship with like-minded people in an atmosphere of support and positivity while grounding yourself in self-love. At this virtual event, you can expect a thought-provoking, inspiring and creative workshop which will include self-reflection activities, coaching tips and bible-based, self-care strategies to help you love yourself more intentionally at every stage of your life.

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Join Cassandra Mack's Online Book Club for Members of The Cassandra Mack YouTube Channel and participate in deep dive discussions and live Q & A about her authored books.  

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