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Would You Like To Advertise Your Business, Product or Service on The Cassandra Mack Podcast?

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The Cassandra Mack Podcast

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The Cassandra Mack Podcast can be heard on the following platforms:

What Is Cassandra Mack's Reach?

The Cassandra Mack YouTube Channel (10 Million Views, 75K subscribers)  The Cassandra Mack Podcast (32,000 Downloads) Cassandra Mack Ministries Facebook Group (2.7K members) and Cassandra Mack On TikTok (20.2K Followers).




What Are Host-Read Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored ads are an effective way to advertise your business/product/service/event on social media more organically. Host-read sponsored ads allow your brand or business to benefit from an established, targeted platform that is better able to help you increase visibility about your business/product/service/event and expand your potential reach exponentially by advertising your product/program/service through one or more of their social media platforms.

A host-read sponsored ad within the host's podcast or other social media platforms brings unparalleled reach, and awareness, helping your businesses or brand get the word out about your business/product/service to more people than you could otherwise reach on your own through your own platforms. In essence, it allows you to cast a wider yet targeted net. 

What makes host-read sponsored ads so effective? Simple: With the ability to tailor the tone of your ad to their audience and integrate your ad into the topic of the specific content; host-read ads offer more effective outcomes into what actually resonates with their audience. As such, sponsored ads delivered by an influencer/content creator with an established platform and bigger brand visibility is better able to provide you with greater results in terms of higher engagement and greater visibility for your own business/brand/product/event/service.

Numbers Vs Engagement

As a business owner, entrepreneur or content creator it’s important to get past the idea that a bigger audience is always better. Because it’s not always about the audience size alone, it’s also about the target reach.

***For example: If you authored a vegan cookbook, would you rather reach 50k meat eaters who aren’t interested in vegan recipes, or 5,000 people who show an interest in vegan recipes by the content that they already consume on social media? This is why niche advertising with a nano, micro or mid-tier influencer is often much more effective than broad-based advertising that gets lost in a sea of advertisements to groups of people who may not align with the product or service you offer. 

How Many People Could Your Host-Read Sponsored Ad By Cassandra Mack Potentially Reach?

In addition to people hearing about your ad when the episode of The Cassandra Mack Podcast (32,000 Downloads) airs with your ad; Cassandra Mack will also promote the podcast episode within the community tab of her The Cassandra Mack YouTube Channel (10 Million Views, 75K subscribers) and within her Cassandra Mack Ministries Facebook Group (2.7K members) and Cassandra Mack On TikTok (20.2K Followers).

Please Be Advised

  • We only promote products and services that align with Cassandra Mack’s mission, message and brand.

  • A key factor in host-read advertisement is that your business/church/service/product/event and the host's podcast are not only a good fit for each other, your business/product/service/event advertisement also aligns with Cassandra Mack's mission, message and brand, making it more likely for the right people (people who are already potentially interested in what you're offering) to know about your business/product/service/brand. 


***Disclaimer: Casandra Mack will not promote the following on The Cassandra Mack Podcast: anything political, obscene, explicit language, occult, astrology, horoscopes, fortune-telling, illegal, violent, promoting firearms, hateful, or derogatory towards any race, creed, gender, nationality, or persons. Cassandra Mack reserves the right to refuse to promote any product/service/event/business/ministry/organization/message that is a conflict of interest with her mission, message and brand. 

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